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SPA RESORT Ryugu no Tsukai


1957-1 Inatori, Higashiizu Town, Kamo County, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



Two and a half hours by the Limited Express Odoriko from Tokyo

Free pick-up from Izu-Inatori Station hotel guests
★Advance reservation is required.
15:00, 15:30, 16:30
9: 00,09: 30,10: 00
※Go out of the Izu Inatori wicket and wait outside the left exit, around the taxi rotary

Because it opens in 2018, it may not be displayed on the navigation.
"Inatori Marinesports Center Izu" TEL0557-95-3532 Please set.

※The main entrance of the hotel will be on the second floor up the outer stairs. If you have difficulty walking, please enjoy another entrance.
Please contact us in advance as we will guide you

Free pick-up from Izu-Inatori Station Izu Kyuko Line"Izu-Inatori Station"

We will make a reservation in advance, but we are free to Izu-Inatori Station you to the nearest station Izu-Inatori Station.

Please contact us for the operation time of the shuttle car.

Izu-Inatori Station Free shuttle bus (Please make a reservation in advance)
Pick up: 15:00 · 15: 30 · 16: 30
Sending:9:00 ・ 9:30 ・ 10:00
※Go out of the Izu Inatori wicket and wait outside the left exit, around the taxi rotary
  • When using a car

    Parking: Present (Free)

    From Route 135, turn at "Inatori Onsen South Exit Entrance"
    Follow the road
    Turn right at the pedestrian crossing where you can see "Maxvalu" on the right of the elementary school on the left
    Turn right at the paused T-junction
    As it hits the sea, turn right and proceed along the sea
    As soon as you come out in front of "Inatori", turn left and proceed
    ⇒Click and tap the map above to connect to the youtube video of the above route
  • People coming from Tokyo

  • For people coming from Osaka area