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  • Guidance of correspondence measures

    ■Temperature measurement at check-in,Identification
    As a measure against coronavirus infection, we will confirm your ID.

    ■Hotel Facilities,Cleaning and disinfection of guest rooms

    In addition to regular cleaning, we will disinfect handrails, doorknobs, equipment, etc. in guest rooms and public spaces based on the guidelines of the Japan Ryokan Association.In addition, staff will regularly visit the facility to ventilate and disinfect.

    ■Employee health management

    All employees are obliged to take a temperature measurement before going to work and fill out a health record sheet
    ※If you have a fever (37.5° or more) or a cold symptom such as a cough, instruct you to stay home for a certain period of time.
    Employees also wear hygiene masks or face shields at this facility

    ■Guidance to guest rooms and cancellation of in-house explanations in guest rooms
    At check-in, the details of the facility will be canceled.
    We will give you a bookmark summarizing the explanations inside the facility at check-in.

    About measures in this facility about new coronavirus infectious disease

    ■Dining Hall
    1) The dinner venue will be open only during busy hours so that you can use the room with plenty of space between tables to avoid crowding inside the venue.
    2) Reduce the number of times employees contact customers when serving meals
    We reduce the number of meals served from the middle of the meal
    3) The staff wear masks, face shields, vinyl gloves, etc., and perform hand sanitization at any time before treating.

    <Breakfast> Breakfast is personalized at the restaurant
    We are working to strengthen hygiene management within the venue.
    1) Please cooperate with hand disinfection when entering the venue.
    Also, please wear a mask when entering and leaving the venue and when eating food.
    2) We distribute vinyl gloves.Please use when you eat food
    3) Soft drink buttons etc. will be sterilized at any time
    4) The staff wear masks, face shields, vinyl gloves, etc., and perform hand sanitization at any time before treating.

    ■Other on-site facilities and notes during your stay
    Some facilities may be closed to strengthen hygiene management.Also, the business content and period may change without notice.

    ■Based on the hygiene guidelines established by this facility, customers who fall under the following items are not allowed to use

    1) Those who have a fever (37.5°C or higher) and have a history of overseas travel in the last 14 days starting from the date of use.
    2) Those who have symptoms such as fever and cough on the day of use

    ■When entering the building, please take a temperature measurement, disinfect your hands with alcohol, and wear a mask.
    We ask all customers to carry out temperature measurements.
    Alcohol disinfectant is placed at the entrance of the facility, guest rooms and various places.
    In principle, please wear a mask for indoor facilities other than guest rooms.
    (Except when sitting in the public bath/meal venue)

    For the safety and security of our customers, employees, and local communities,
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • Notice of Suspension of Dinner / Breakfast Buffet and Change of Dinner / Breakfast Delivery Method to Prevent Spread of New Coronavirus

    Dear customers

     Thank you very much for using SPA ・ RESORT Ryugu.
    By the way, in our hotel, we offer dinner and breakfast in buffet format, but we will refrain from offering it in buffet format in the recent outbreak of new type coronavirus pneumonia, dinner provided by personal・ Breakfast will be provided.

    In addition, dinner and breakfast will be served with all-you-can-eat, so please enjoy freshly baked and fried.

    Depending on the situation, we may change the extension or offer method.
    Thank you for your understanding and understanding

    ***Please refer to the Official YouTube of the museum for details of the dishes.***

    In addition, disinfectants are installed at the entrance of the main entrance and at the entrance of the restaurant venue, please cooperate in preventing infection.
                                                            SPA ・ RESORT Ryugu