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It is an image of dinner.

A complimentary buffet, Parents

For dinner, we serve freshly fried food and freshly baked meat in the live kitchen.
The main dish is an all-you-can-eat course buffet including meat dishes, stewed alfonsino, and tempura.There are 5 sashimi, mainly local fish and tuna! Homemade pudding is also included in the dessert.
Breakfast is a mixture of Japanese and Western styles, and French toast is free to change.
  • Dinner image

    Contents may change depending on the stocking situation.
  • Breakfast image

    Contents may change depending on the stocking situation
  • Seasonal colorful appetizer

    We will start cooking from 5 seasonal appetizers.

    *The contents may vary depending on the season and purchasing situation.
  • Seasonal hot pot

    It is a seasonal hot pot.
    *The contents vary depending on the time of year and the purchase situation.
  • Assorted sashimi

    We will prepare with 5 points including local fish.
  • Inatori specialty Kinme sea bream boiled

  • Fried red shrimp and homemade tartar sauce

    Available in the live kitchen
  • Beef lean steak

    Beef lean steak
  • Today's tempura platter

    Today's tempura platter
  • Today's 3 types of nigiri sushi

    Today's 3 kinds of nigiri sushi
  • Homemade pudding and fruit at our facility

    We are proud of our homemade pudding.