【Official】SPA RESORT Ryugu no Tsukai(SPA RESORT Ryugu no Tsukai)

Resort hotel of all rooms ocean view

Infinity Open-air Bath,Steam bath,Private Bath,Large Communal Bath,Rooftop footbath,
It is a popular inn where you can enjoy various hot springs.

now is the time! Shizuoka! A healthy trip! We are waiting for your reservation

  • Prefectural Discount Now! Shizuoka! A healthy trip!  

    Re-extended until July 14th!  Shizuoka Prefectural Discount Now! Shizuoka! A healthy trip! It's restarting
    Of course, our hotel is also a target facility, so we look forward to your visit.
    now is the time! Shizuoka! A healthy trip! For more information about!
    Go to the Official website ⇒ https://premium-gift.jp/shizuokagenkitabi

    SPA RESORT Ryugu no Tsukai is certified as a "Fuji no Kuni Safety and Security Certification Facility"
    Please be assured that we are taking proper measures against infection in this facility.

Would you like to have lunch in Inatori plan with lunch & hot spring(Advance reservation required)

  • Ryugu Makunouchi Bento "Toshima" Lunch & Hot Spring plan

    Ryugu Makunouchi Bento "Toshima" Lunch & Hot Spring plan 
     Reservations are accepted from 2 people

    ·The fee is 3,300 yen for adults and 2,860 yen for elementary school students.(It will be the same menu as adults)
     (Meals, rental towels, and hot water kitsuke)(The displayed amount includes tax)

    ※Please see the meal page for details
  • Prefectural discount applied! Shokado bento lunch & one-day hot spring plan(Accepted from 4 people per group)

    Shizuoka Prefectural Discount Shizuoka It is a day trip plan for a healthy trip

    Price 4,000 yen per person

    Meal content ·Shokado bento
         ·Fried food(Deep-fried scorpion fish)
         ·Ceramic plate(Grilled beef on a ceramic plate)
         ·Steamed(Cold chawanmushi)
         ·Dessert(Ryugu hot spring steamed pudding)

    Time Meal start uniform 12:30 
    Meals in Dining Hall ·Private room banquet hall(Can be used as a rest area until 14:30)
    Bathing ·Free rental of bath towels and face towels(Available until 14:30)
    ※Extension of usage time 3,150 yen per hour / group(Extending bathing time for rest areas and group members)

    About pick-up from the station
    ※Consultation required

Refreshing at the hot springs that flow directly from the source! Accepting one-day hot springs

  • Would you like to feel refreshed by flowing from the source? Accepting one-day hot springs

    Time:From 13:00 to 21:00(Last admission 20:00)
    Fare:12 years old and over-Adult 1100 yen (tax included, rental hand towel),With bath towel) 
       4 years old to elementary school students 660 yen (tax included, rental hand towel),With bath towel) 
    stay:Stay up to 3 hours
    Note:At check-in ① Alcohol disinfection ② Name, number of people and contact information will be required
      :On days when there are many guests, we may refuse during times when the bath is crowded.
      :We do not allow food and drinks to be brought into the facility.
      :To use the Infinity Furo, you will need a rental bathing suit (550 yen per piece) or your own swimsuit.

Two different hot baths! Infinity open-air bath and Ryugu's paradise steaming

  • Infinity Open-air Bath

    Infinity outdoor bath is an outdoor outdoor bath where you can enjoy a sense of unity with the horizon.
    In the morning, with the blue sky, in the night, with the starry sky, it is recommended at dusk, please enjoy the sense of unity with the sea in the unique dusk of Higashi-Izu
  • Ryugu paradise steamed(Steam bath)

    A steam bath with ore spread over the source
    Promotes sweating, beauty and diet effects,
    You can expect a relaxing effect etc.
    While being healed by the scent of hinoki,
    Relax in the cool down room

    Hydrogen water server is also available


Google Map

Hotel Name

SPA RESORT Ryugu no Tsukai


1957-1 Inatori, Higashiizu Town, Kamo County, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



Two and a half hours on the Limited Express Odoriko from Tokyo

Free pick-up from Izu-Inatori Station hotel guests
★Advance reservation is required.
15:00, 15:30, 16:30
Send 9: 00, 09: 30, 10:00
※After exiting the Izu Inatori ticket gate, we are waiting for you outside the exit on the left, around the taxi rotary.

Since it is open in 2018, it may not be displayed in the navigation.
"Inatori Marinesports Center Izu" TEL0557-95-3532 Please set.

※The front entrance of the hotel is on the 2nd floor up the outer stairs. If you have difficulty with your legs, please enjoy the separate entrance.
Please contact us in advance as we will guide you
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Hotel Facilities

  • Steamed sinking ore steamed bath

    One-time use (with towel, large-sized towel, bedrock bathrobe) 880 yen
    At first glance it is a bedrock bath filled with ore, but the source is put under the ore bed to make it flow, and the heat and steam of the hot spring heat the stone and it is effective.Furthermore, room is warmed by steam of hot spring, and it is in hot and humid space.
  • Private Bath

    Private Bath
    Start every hour 40 minutes Reservation required 1650 yen
    Please make a reservation in advance(Same-day reception deadline 20:00)

    Please come to the front desk 5 minutes before your reservation time
    Private bath We will give you the key to your room

    Please return the key to the front desk after use
  • Hyperbaric oxygen capsule

    1 time 50 minutes Start every hour 1100 yen per person 1650 yen for a day trip

    It is also possible to use the high-pressure oxygen capsule which is adopted also by the professional baseball team and various educational institutions as an option.

    Do not you feel bad pressure on the bad weather day and you will not feel sick? (There are individual differences)

    It is said that pressure stimulates lymph in the body to promote blood circulation by creating a high pressure state inside the oxygen capsule, so please try it once.

    Please use the front desk when using.
Information on the facilities in the hotel

Information on the outdoor pool (summer)

  • Outdoor swimming pool(Summer Season)

    Summer only (Saturday, July 16th official start decision end time undecided)
    Outdoor pool open at

    You can use the pool of the adjacent dive shop on one side during this period
    Because it is connected to the Infinity open-air bath by stairs
    Change clothes in the changing room of the open-air bath, pool, and when you're done, put it in the hot spring as it is

    We also have a vinyl pool for infants on the roof.

Hotel Concept

  • Experience & rejuvenation

    ① You can overlook the sea in front of the hotel"Infinity open-air bath"
    ② "Capsule room" where backpackers can stay in business as well
    ③ Excellent sense of liberation made on the rooftop wooden deck"Sky foot bath"
    ④ Revitalizing the body "High-pressure oxygen room"
    ⑤ Higashi-Izu only dedicated facility, Ore steam bath "
    ⑥ "Private bath" consisting of four concepts


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


9:00 to 21:00