【Official】SPA RESORT Ryugu no Tsukai

Resort hotel of all rooms ocean view

Infinity Open-air Bath,Steam bath,Private Bath,Large Communal Bath,Footbath,
It is a popular inn where you can enjoy various hot springs.

 New! It changes every month! One-day lunch & hot spring (with hot spring clothes) plan

  • July monthly menu "Izu seafood & vegetable tempura set" 

    plan with lunch and hot springs that changes every month
    ·For reservations, please call 0557-95-0141 or yoyaku@sparyugu.jp.In the case of email reservation, the reservation will be completed as soon as you reply after confirming the contents.
    ·Apply until 13:00 the day before the day of use
    ·The fee is 3850 yen for adults 2860 yen/elementary school student *With meals, rental towels, and hot water
    ·There is also a shuttle bus that requires advance reservation *Inatori Station 11:40 Depart Hotel 16:15 Depart
    ·After arrival, we will have a meal (11:30 to 13:00) and then a bath (13:00 to 16:00).
    ·Maximum stay time is 5 hours
    ·You can also use the large communal bath, Infiniti open-air bath (with hot water bath), and footbath.
    ·Beverages at mealtime are not included
    ·Break is on the 2nd floor library

Enjoy summer vacation at the SPA RESORT Ryugu no Tsukai pool!

  • Let's enjoy at the pool of SPA RESORT Ryugu no Tsukai

    ·Period:From July 21, 2021
    ·Opening Hours:From 14:00 to 22:00(You can also enjoy the night pool after dinner)
    ·Usage fee:Will be free
    ·Pool size length 10 x width 8 Depth 1.2m (*The pool can be used from the back to the middle
    ·There are no rental swimwear or towels.Please bring it by yourself
    ·There is no changing room in this facility.Please change into a bathing suit from your room.
    ·Please use the facilities of Inatori Marinesports Center
    ·Inatori Marinesports Center's shower cannot be used
    ·Eating and drinking at the pool and poolside is prohibited.
    ·Please be sure to bring an adult when using the pool

Shizuoka Prefecture Tourism Promotion Project (Bai Shizuoka) will stop new transactions from 7/30

  • Tourism promotion project by Shizuoka citizens by Shizuoka-Shizuoka! A healthy trip! ~ Is new transaction suspension from 7/30

    From July 30th, new transactions will be temporarily suspended due to the spread of corona infection.

    Shizuoka Prefecture's tourism promotion project, Baishizuoka, will be temporarily suspended from new transactions from Friday, July 30 due to the spread of corona infection.
    ·Application deadline for each convenience store terminal:You can apply until 23:29 on Thursday, July 29th.*Ticket issuance until 30 minutes later
    ·Applications for each accommodation facility can be applied for accommodations from July 30th (Thursday) to August 31st (Tuesday) until July 29th (Thursday).
    ·All applications to each property will not be applicable after Friday, July 30th.

    ↓ Please check here for details ↓

Two different hot baths! Infinity open-air bath and Ryugu's paradise steaming

  • Infinity Open-air Bath

    Infinity outdoor bath is an outdoor outdoor bath where you can enjoy a sense of unity with the horizon.
    In the morning, with the blue sky, in the night, with the starry sky, it is recommended at dusk, please enjoy the sense of unity with the sea in the unique dusk of Higashi-Izu
  • Ryugu paradise steamed(Steam bath)

    A steam bath with ore spread over the source
    Promotes sweating, beauty and diet effects,
    You can expect a relaxing effect etc.
    While being healed by the scent of hinoki,
    Relax in the cool down room

    Hydrogen water server is also available


Google Map

Hotel Name

SPA RESORT Ryugu no Tsukai


1957-1 Inatori, Higashiizu Town, Kamo County, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



Two and a half hours by the Limited Express Odoriko from Tokyo

Free pick-up from Izu-Inatori Station hotel guests
★Advance reservation is required.
15:00, 15:30, 16:30
9: 00,09: 30,10: 00
※Go out of the Izu Inatori wicket and wait outside the left exit, around the taxi rotary

Because it opens in 2018, it may not be displayed on the navigation.
"Inatori Marinesports Center Izu" TEL0557-95-3532 Please set.

※The main entrance of the hotel will be on the second floor up the outer stairs. If you have difficulty walking, please enjoy another entrance.
Please contact us in advance as we will guide you
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Hotel Facilities

  • Heated pool for summer guests only

    ·Period:From July 21, 2021
    *However, 7/20, 7/29, 7/30 and 8/1 are closed.
    ·Opening Hours:From 14:00 to 22:00(You can also enjoy the night pool after dinner)
    *Not available before check-in or after check-out.
    *Guests staying consecutively can only use the service during the above hours.
    ·Usage fee:It will be free.
    *However, please be sure to come to the front desk when using it (you will be given a wristband.Cannot be used without this)
  • Limited to Summer! Toddler water playground

    It is a water playground for infants prepared on the roof.

    Time from 14:00 to sunset
    Place It becomes a rooftop footbath
    There is a procedure at the reception front desk *Large format towels available for rent
    Free of charge
    Attention Please change clothes in your room
       Please use with a guardian
       Please do not run because it is very slippery outside the lawn.
       There are no guards by the staff of the hotel.
  • Steamed sinking ore steamed bath

    One-time use (with towel, large-sized towel, bedrock bathing suit) 880 yen
    At first glance it is a bedrock bath filled with ore, but the source is put under the ore bed to make it flow, and the heat and steam of the hot spring heat the stone and it is effective.Furthermore, room is warmed by steam of hot spring, and it is in hot and humid space.
Information on the facilities in the hotel

Information on diving

  • Inatori Marinesports Center

    The Inatori Marinesports Center next to the hotel
    There is a private pool for divers on site

    From "Experience diving school" for those who are experiencing diving for the first time, to those who want to obtain a PADI license and those who want to become instructors
    We offer a variety of course that are fun and safe for all divers.

    In addition, a working study course is also held for those who aim to become a diving instructor while working at the hotel,

    Please contact Inatori Marinesports Center for details.

Hotel Concept

  • Experience & rejuvenation

    ① All-you-can-eat 5 main types of dinner with 5 sashimi including local fish"Course buffet"
    ② "Capsule room" where backpackers can stay in business as well
    ③ "Library" which stocks comics, books, and magazines
    ④ Revitalizing the body "High-pressure oxygen room"
    ⑤ Higashi-Izu only dedicated facility, Ore steam bath "
    ⑥ "Private bath" consisting of four concepts


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


From 9:00 to 21:00