Open infinity open-air bath, please try it

【Official】SPA RESORT Ryugu no Tsukai

Resort hotel of all rooms ocean view

The all-you-can-drink plan 1st anniversary is very popular
Outdoor infinity open-air bath is free for hotel guests.

Infinity outdoor bath

  • Infinity Open-air Bath

    Infinity outdoor bath is an outdoor outdoor bath where you can enjoy a sense of unity with the horizon.
    Along with the blue sky in the morning, with the fishing fire at night, the recommended time is at dusk, please enjoy the sense of unity with the sea in the unique dusk of Higashi-Izu


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Hotel Name

SPA RESORT Ryugu no Tsukai


1957-1 Inatori Higashi-Izucho Kamo-gun Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



Two and a half hours by the Limited Express Odoriko from Tokyo

Free pick-up from Izu-Inatori Station hotel guests
★Advance reservation is required.
15:00, 15:30, 16:30
9: 00,09: 30,10: 00

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Please set up “Inatori Marinesports Center Izu”.
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Hotel Facilities

  • Hyperbaric oxygen capsule

    It is also possible to use the high-pressure oxygen capsule which is adopted also by the professional baseball team and various educational institutions as an option.

    Do not you feel bad pressure on the bad weather day and you will not feel sick? (There are individual differences)

    It is said that pressure inside the oxygen capsule stimulates the lymph within the body by creating high pressure state so as to promote blood circulation, please try once.

    Please use the front desk when using.
  • Library

    A lot of comics, magazines etc are available in the library, relaxation space which can be lying next is wide, please use the rocking chair with the relaxation time watching the sea.

    We also have a massage chair, which can also be used for customers on day trips.

    All books in the library are prohibited to take out.
Information on the facilities in the hotel

Information on diving

  • Inatori Marinesports Center

    The “Inatori Marinesports Center” adjacent to the hotel has its own pool for divers on the premises, from “Experience Diving School” for first diving experiences, to those who want to obtain PADI licenses and those who want to become instructors A variety of course are available for all divers to enjoy and enjoy.
    In addition, working study course are also held for those who want to work as diving instructors while working at the hotel. For more information, please contact the Inatori Marinesports Center.

Hotel Concept

  • Experience & rejuvenation

    ① “Obansai Buffet Relatives” where you can enjoy the main vegetable dishes
    ② "Capsule room" where backpackers can stay in business as well
    ③ "Library" which stocks comics, books, and magazines
    ④ Revitalizing the body "High-pressure oxygen room"
    ⑤ Higashi-Izu only dedicated facility, Ore steam bath "
    ⑥ "Private bath" consisting of four concepts


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.